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1. Clinical Interventions


We provide both short and long-term therapeutic interventions for individuals and couples. Please note couples therapy is not covered by Medicare.

We do not undertake family-based interventions or treatment for children under the age of 14.


We provide clinical psychological assessment for third parties to clarify or confirm psychological diagnoses, to aid in the determination of psychological disability and provide recommendations regarding appropriate treatment. We produce written reports within a 2-3 week period depending on the complexity of the referral question.

2. Forensic Interventions


Paul provides short and medium-term treatment for forensic matters including:

  • violence and anger management
  • substance abuse
  • personality issues contributing to offending behaviour
  • We provide psychological treatment to victims of crime either to treat symptoms or problems arising from being a victim of crime, or to provide support as they negotiate the judicial system.


Paul can provide expert opinion and court reports on forensic psychological matters, including general risk assessment, risk of recidivism, and options for non-custodial treatment of psychological correlates for offending behaviour. Paul also provides specific assessments of violence, assessments of psychological injury, court reports for civil and criminal matters, and assessment of fitness to plead and stand trial.

3. Additional Treatment Services Provided

NDIS Clinical Psychological Treatment

We provide treatment for individuals who are eligible for treatment under the NDIS.


Paul is accredited to provide supervision for Clinical and Forensic Psychology Registrars during their 2 year AHPRA Registrar Program. He believes that supervision in the early years of practice are key to developing and maintaining a sound, ethical, reflective and dynamic professional practice and this is therefore an important component of the services provided.


We provide Clinical and/or Forensic psychological assessment, treatment and supervision via Videoconference as appropriate.

Schedule of Fees

1. Clinical Intervention Treatment Costs

Session Costs

Each appointment session is 50 minutes in length.

Clients with a MHCP (see 'What is a Mental Health Care Plan?' on the FAQ page) are able to claim 100% of the treatment cost of $131.65 for their first ten sessions in each calendar year for sessions booked between the hours of 9am to 6pm. Treatment which extends beyond these ten sessions or occurs after 6pm is charged at $170 per session.

Clients without a MHCP will be charged $170 per session for the duration of their treatment unless that treatment is being provided under the NDIS or a SIRA Authorised Treatment Plan.

Treatment sessions provided under the NDIS will be charged at $214.41 per session with no gap fees charged to clients. Couples Therapy Sessions will be charged at $220.00 per session.

Clinical/Forensic Supervision will be charged at $130.00 plus GST per session.

Session payment needs to be finalised at the conclusion of the session.

Changes or Cancellations

Should you need to change an existing appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. We will confirm your consultation with you at least 72 hours prior via text message.

Therapy is most beneficial when scheduled appointments are attended regularly. If you are not able to attend your appointment we require at least 48 hours notice. If you aren't able to give another client the opportunity to use your session, we'll need to arrange payment of a fee based on the notice time below:

  • 48 Hours Notice No Charge
  • 24 Hours or Less 100% Session Fee

The cancellation fee must be paid prior to the scheduling of an alternative session.

2. Assessment and Report Preparation Costs

Assessment and report preparation is where we wre called on to provide expert opinion on a question, often called the referral question. You are not required to be our client for the purposes of this process.

To answer the referral question, we first conduct assessments using a two-stage process where we perform a clinical interview and administer psychometric instruments aimed at assisting me in addressing the issues raised. This process usually takes between 2 to 4 hours depending on the complexity of the referral question.

Clinical Assessments and Report Preparation not related to ongoing therapeutic treatment are charged at $350 per hour. Forensic Assessments and Report Preparation is charged at $350 per hour unless the referral comes from NSW Legal Aid. It is then charged in accordance with their Established Rates.

Prior to commencing an assessment, we will provide an indication of completion costs and will update you throughout the process should any variations occur.

Session fees for the assessment components of a report should be finalised at the completion of the interview.

Due to the often sensitive content, all invoices related to report preparation need to be finalised prior to reports being released to the referral source or any third party involved.

3. Additional Services Upon Request

Clients may request additional services during sessions which will attract an additional fee. These will be discussed prior to commencement and may include:

  • Letters produced for non-clinical reasons prepared at $131.65 per letter
  • File Reviews charged at $147 per review
  • Attendance at Court/Statutory Tribunals in Non Legal Aid Matters charged at $420 per hour.
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